• CHANGE OF ADDRESS: Changing your address with the U.S. Post Office is a simple process. Do it in person at your local post office or go online.
  • CIRCUIT BREAKER AND WATER SHUT-OFFLocate and get acquainted with your home’s main circuit breaker, learning which breakers shut off which areas. Find your water shut-off valve too. Too often, home owners wait for an emergency to make these valuable discoveries.
  • FIRE SAFTEY: Test all the smoke alarms, and install more if you feel the home could benefit from better coverage. Do a visual inspection of fire extinguishers too. It’s a good idea to have a professional do an inspection too. Finally, make sure you have an extinguisher within easy reach on every floor of your home.
  • CHANGE YOUR LOCKS: It’s impossible to know who might have been given a spare key over the years. It’s always a good idea to change your locks. And reset the code on your garage door too.
  • MEET YOUR NEIGHBORS: You’re unpacking your seventeenth box, and the neighbors just stopped by to welcome you to the neighborhood. It may not feel like the best timing, but don’t miss out on the opportunity. The sooner you meet the people living around you, the easier your transition promises to be.